LWI/LWI Chromebook 6/28/2016


While you may have heard of Google's Chrome browser, have you heard about Chrome OS?  Chrome OS is Google's browser-based operating system.  The idea is simple: If we spend ninety percent of our time on the web, why not just go straight to the web and skip all the stuff in-between?  The web you say, but will I ever get anything done?  Easy.  The Chrome Web Store provides thousands of "web apps";  applications that run in your browser.  From photo editing to creating great looking presentations, its all here and its all free!  During this class participants will receive a Google Chromebook, learn about the Chrome OS operating system, browse the Chrome Web Store for useful applications and extensions, and discover how Google and Chrome OS can save you and your school a tremendous amount of time and money.

Class Type: LWI/LWI
Prerequisites: Participants should have a Google account.

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Course Information:

Instructor: Michael O'Shaughnessy

Date: June 28, 2016

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Session Length: 5 Hours

Location: SOITA - 1205 E. Fifth St., Dayton, OH  

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