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Developed with’s professional learning values in mind, the 7-hour Deep Dive workshop provides teachers with a hands-on learning experience with other like-minded teachers. Teachers are given the space to work through the individual challenges in carefully crafted sessions led by experienced facilitators, most of whom were (and often still are) classroom teachers.

Teachers will leave their Deep Dive workshop not only with an understanding of the details, philosophy, values, and rationale behind how the CS Fundamentals course is structured but also with a customized plan for how to implement more of the CS Fundamentals courses. Teachers will have ideas for fostering and developing a strong classroom rapport that nurtures learners of all types and strategies for addressing roadblocks to implementation. Ongoing support through the teacher forum and online support after the workshop will continue to build a strong community of practice and support for participating teachers.

Course Information:

Instructor: Christine Danhoff

Date: July 28 & 30 (must attend both dates)

Time: 9:00-11:30 AM

Session Length: 5 Hours Total

Location: Online

Cost: FREE to all

This workshop is FREE for all SOITA members (Comprehensive, Advantage and/or Basic)

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Additional Information/Notes From the Instructor

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