Learn With It/Leave With It

SOITA's Learn With It/Leave With It (LWI/LWI) workshops offer a unique opportunity to receive the latest instructional technology and equipment and learn how to use it - all in one place! The variety of equipment LWI/LWI classes offer ranges from the latest version of the iPad to document cameras and projectors.

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2020 Coding Series

LWI/LWI Classes

Coding - Just Roll with It!

Featuring the Sphero Mini Activity Kit

March 10, 2020

Developing a Growth Mindset Through Coding

Featuring the BBC micro:bit

March 18, 2020

Programming is My Jam

Featuring the Raspberry Pi 3B+

April 23, 2020

Innovation Unplugged

Featuring Soita's Mini Maker Kit

April 15, 2020

Touchscreen Chromebook

Featuring the Acer R11 Convertible Touchscreen Chromebook

March 16, 2020