Ohio Teacher Showcase Project

Take a look at the teaching practices taking place in Ohio’s Language Arts classrooms at:


See how Ohio teachers are effectively using technology to support student learning in action. View their classroom videos and download their lesson plans and resources to customize for use with your own students. This is a project of the Instructional Technology Integration Partnership of Ohio with the Ohio Department of Education and teachers across our state to support the teaching of Ohio’s New Learning Standards. More subjects are coming!

Sample ODE Teacher Showcase Video:

Reputation, reputation, oh I have lost my reputation.

Sharing the Moral of the Story

Lesson Plan

Duration: 6 weeks

Subject: AP English

District: Lancaster City

Teacher: Kelli Marvin

Grade Level: 12

Lesson Plan

Duration: 1 week

Subject: Reading, Literature, Technology

District: Ross Local

Teacher: Beth Kingsley

Grade Level: 3

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